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Remember all of the small moments

Happy New Year: 2016!

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Macy Justinger, Co-Editor

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Dear Readers,

With the new year right before us, I find it inevitable to look back on the 365 days that have passed. I have grown to realize what has meant the most to me in these fleeting times: the little, sweet moments. For a year that has brought everlasting change with success and failure, it is the collection of small moments that have served as the backbone for 2015.

All of these moments that echo in the depths of my memory, are those of simplicity and significance. Moments that may not have been planned or intended, but now live vividly in a state of reflection.

Some of my most cherished moments from the past year are all of the endless trips taken to Walmart with some of my closest friends. There is something so very joyus about spending a bland Sunday afternoon with some of your favorite people in a place as simple as Walmart. Being in the company of those who make you feel whole, regardless of circumstances or location, generates feelings that will never go out of style.

This past year, I found myself standing in an underground parking lot with a dear friend, eating off-brand Goldfish crackers, searching for our vehicles. Our laughter ricocheted off of the cement walls, and we embraced the idea that we could somehow be so young, and yet so forgetful. Something as innocent as attempting to go home, turned into a moment of great bliss from wonderful company. In the midst of life’s little moments comes the ability to find enjoyment where it’s least expected.

Even in the simplicity of enjoying half-priced appetizers from Applebee’s, I have found some of my best memories. There is something about sharing greasy mozzarella sticks and laughing at the stupidity of youth with a friend that can mean the absolute world. Such small moments can provide relief from the stress or burdens of the day.

I remember a night in particular, so fun, so full of joy, I wished it could have been infinite, and in an effort to push time away, I purposely took the long way home. On that drive, my friends in the car, those extra minutes allowed one more song to flow from the speakers into our souls and reminded us to bask in the glory of small moments.

We all have such days, nights, and moments, and these times, perhaps ordinary, are important. They are significant enough to make me thankful to be able to wake up every morning, ready to embrace what is to come.

Wherever you are, however you welcome 2016, remember all of the small moments that have come and gone and those that lie ahead and appreciate them for all they are.

All the love,



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Remember all of the small moments