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Students take on Mannequin Challenge

The cafeteria has never been more quiet!

Lynnette Lee

Alyssa De Fere and Amber De Fere

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On Friday, November 18th, Sheboygan Falls High School students attempted to reenact the Mannequin Challenge.  This new pop culture trend has taken over many forms of social media.  Several groups have done this, such as NFL teams and even the first lady, Michelle Obama.  The Mannequin Challenge is quite self explanatory; Someone with a video camera walks around a room, filming a large group of people who are frozen in one pose as if they are “mannequins”. The more creative the pose, the better. This is why the students of SFHS have readily agreed to partake in this popular game during the two lunches throughout the school day. Which lunch group do you think did the best?

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Students take on Mannequin Challenge