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Who is the better Driver?

Alyssa De Fere and Ryan Mueller

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Alyssa: Women are better drivers than men because we are not as reckless. We are much more careful.

Ryan: Men are better drivers because they are more confident drivers.

Alyssa: Being careful doesn’t make us less confident. It is more important to be careful than confident because when you’re overconfident, that’s when car accidents happen.

Ryan: Men are more confident drivers because we do not freak out at every little thing on the road.

Alyssa: Who’s to say that men don’t do that as well? Anyone can be startled by something that appears onto the road unexpectedly. But back to the reckless deal, men get too comfortable behind the wheel and at a certain age are very arrogant. Getting too comfortable leads to racing and car tricks that could get someone hurt, themselves included. It could also lead to them damaging the car, potentially being a thousand dollar mistake. You can’t deny that this reckless behavior is more common in men than it is in women.

Ryan:  Young women are just as susceptible to poor decision making on the road as young men. And when the poor decisions are made, men aren’t as likely to completely lose it.

Alyssa: It is known that women mature faster than men. So, if we are talking about young men and women, then women would tend to be safer on the road.

Ryan: But what I said what women will lose their head if they happen to make a mistake whereas men stay calm. I never said women and men would the same amount of mistakes, just that both are susceptible to them. But even if men definitely make more mistakes, that doesn’t change the face that men freak out less.

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