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What would be the best first date?

Alyssa De Fere and Ryan Mueller

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Ryan: The best first date is at a classy restaurant such as Il Ritrovo because you do have time to talk, unlike at a theater, and you have the chance to be a gentleman (by opening doors, pulling out chairs, picking up the bill).


Alyssa: I admit that a nice, fancy dinner would be a romantic date. But, that can put on a lot of pressure if the two are just starting to get to know each other. And maybe it’s just me, but if I am eating with someone I still don’t know too well, I get kinda nervous. Like I want to look cute when I’m eating my food! I think something like bowling or ice skating would be a good first date because it is something that no one has to be good at, so there is no pressure, and it is something that you can do as a group. If you wouldn’t do it with someone who’s “just a friend” it isn’t something that you should do for a first date.


Ryan: A first date is all about first impressions. If you are looking to make a good impression right away, ice skating isn’t always going to be the best choice (especially if your balance is poor). And who said you didn’t know the person well before you started dating?


Alyssa: Okay so maybe ice skating wouldn’t be the best first date. But, dating is all about getting to know a person better. You might know someone pretty well as a friend but it is different getting to know them as your date. That’s why I think a fancy dinner would put a lot of pressure on. But bowling is a good idea because no one has to be good at it to have a good time. It gets you talking and gives you an excuse to go with other people so that if all else fails, your friends will be there to back you up.


Ryan: What about earlier when you said if you wouldn’t do it with a friend, you shouldn’t do it as a date? Doesn’t that prove that dating is just a closer friendship?


Alyssa: First dates are meant to decide whether or not you want to be more than just friends. This is why they should be more “friend” type activities. No one is committing to anything yet. You don’t automatically become boyfriend and girlfriend on the first date … the romance comes later.


Ryan: But there doesn’t have to be pressure. There’s no reason why a “dating” relationship has to feel any different than a friendship. I’ve tried to avoid this a little bit, but I sincerely believe that the best way to start a relationship is to slowly ease into it from a friendship. Slowly the relationship develops and that allows you to have a first “date” at a fancy place, because you aren’t trying to necessarily impress or whatever, but instead you’re looking to spend time with your best friend. You know what? Dinner anywhere would be a decent date (Within reason obviously. It has to be classier than at least Culver’s).

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