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Girls basketball get their heads into the game

Alivia Muckerheide, Staff Writer

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With only three returning varsity players, the girls varsity basketball team has  a whole new set of faces, including four freshmen. Although the team holds a few losses this season,  the girls have worked hard to play to the best of their ability as a new team.

Junior Alyssa Sommerfeld said, “There were a few bumps and obstacles we have had to face due to having to get everyone used to and comfortable at the game since this is nothing like freshman or jv, or middle school ball.”

The girls varsity basketball team last year was very guard dominated and executed plays that did not really involve any post players. This season there is a more equal balance between guard and post players, and there are more plays that involve those post players. Some of the older girls reported that it is great to see everyone get involved in almost all of the games rather just the the main six players.

 Although every practice is not going to be spectacular with lots of laughter, when so much time is spend with the girls, a family starts to form and new bonds are created to help look past the differences. 

Making it through tough practices and solving disagreements is what builds you as a player and is what builds the team to be stronger and more trusting of one another. With more experiences on and off the court, the bickering will subside and become less and the familiarity with each other will grow.

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Girls basketball get their heads into the game