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He said, she said

The pros and cons of school dances.

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She: School dances are always a blast! Spending time with friends and dressing up in a dress you feel beautiful in is unbeatable!


He: Yep, crowded, sweaty environment. Music that not everybody likes (though I do recognize that you can’t please everybody). Sure sounds like a fantastic use of a night!


She: Is that sarcasm I hear?


He: How did you know?


She: Lucky guess. And it’s not the music that matters, it’s spending quality time with friends. It gives students a chance to hangout with friends when they might not normally be able to outside of school.


He: Like I said, I get that it’s hard to please everybody music-wise. But friends? Hmm, I don’t know about your friends necessarily but my friends would all rather go do something else rather than go to a dance. Guys oftentimes feel forced to go to dances just because that’s what you do.


She: Sometimes it’s not the actual dance itself that is fun. It’s hanging out with your friends, going out to eat before hand, and just doing something out of your comfort zone. It can be boring doing the same old things with your friends, school dances add variety. Also, it’s a great excuse to splurge and go somewhere nice, instead of just, for example, Dairy Queen.


He:  I understand that, but school dances happen 3 times a year.  Personally, I’ve been to 2, of 7 possible, but that’s because I feel like I’ve kinda experienced the whole thing, because even though those dances were almost a year apart, they were exactly the same.  Same music, same clothes, same people in the middle, same people on the outside, same steamy, sweaty environment.


She: Exactly. Even though school dances only happen a few times a year we should be taking advantage of the opportunity to do something different with friends and to splurge on ourselves.

As for the music, I know that at the most recent dance we were able to request songs. And sure, maybe the clothes tend to be the same for the guys, but a fun part of dances for girls is the excuse to wear new dresses. Even so, people tend to wear the exact same thing during school days anyway, so why is that a big deal if it’s the same for dances? Admittedly, dances do get pretty sweaty and gross, however that is why people take breaks dancing and go out in the hallways, where Close Up clubs sells water bottles. Another great thing about dances is how you get to have fun and just dance. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at dancing because almost everyone is dancing so it doesn’t matter.


He: But shouldn’t people, you know, DANCE at school dances?  From the few I’ve been to, it’s not like that, at all.
She: I feel that they are sometimes a bit blown out of proportion. But as long as you are spending time with you friends and not paying attention to those around you, then school dances can be a lot of fun. And people do dance, sometimes it just takes a certain song to get everyone up on their feet (the Cha Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle being a prime example) but everyone dances eventually. Still, as stated before, so long as everyone is spending time with friends and having fun, whether you dance or not doesn’t really matter.


***Special thanks to Mrs. Stahlkopf, Amber De Fere, and Max Kuplic!***

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