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He said, she said

Valentine's Day

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He said, she said

Ryan Mueller and Alyssa De Fere

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He:  Valentine’s Day is a conspiracy engineered by the greeting card corporations!


She: It doesn’t matter how the holiday was created. Valentineś day is a wonderful reminder for people to show their appreciation to their significant other (not just guys, girls too).


He:  I hope you know I was joking with that opening.  I actually don’t mind Valentine’s Day.


She: Wait, there’s something you actually like? That’s a surprise.


He:  Oh come on, did you REALLY expect that I WOULDN’T like Valentine’s Day?  The only problem I see with it is why is it only one day?  And why is it so commercial?


She: I think that it is so commercial because sometimes guys need a reminder to show their partner how much they care about and appreciate them.


He: But that doesn’t have to mean you drop hundreds of dollars on just one day.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t girls want to feel special every day of the year?  Because, frankly, if I drop however much on all the Valentine’s Day garbage, I won’t have any money left for the other 364 days that girls wanna feel special.  But, like I said before, I like the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Maybe just not the implementation.


She: The thing is… you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your girl happy. All that a girl wants is to feel appreciated and special. On Valentine’s Day you don’t have to splurge on her. Just some flowers or chocolate would be nice. Guys spend more on their video games so is it really that much of an inconvenience?


He: Right, so I should only make her feel appreciated and special on Valentine’s Day and completely ignore her for the other 364 days.  Okay, 363, birthdays are important … And I’ll have you know, I don’t typically buy video games.


She: I am not saying that at all. Make her feel special everyday but Valentine’s Day …


He: So just treat Valentine’s Day like a normal day.


She: … Let me finish!!


He: The interruption is the most powerful weapon I have.


She: What I’m trying to say is that Valentine’s day is a nice excuse to treat your girl because she might not know already how much she means to you. Valentine’s day just gives guys that little push to say how they feel.


He:  But what about those who don’t need the extra push?

She: Then this gives them the perfect opportunity to tell them again.


He: But what about those who always start and end every day saying those things?  Do you understand what I mean?  Valentine’s Day has its uses, but for those who already act that way every day, why celebrate a day that is set aside?  


She: Actions speak louder than words.


He: This is true, but that’s why those in a healthy relationship should set time aside often to meet face to face and allow actions to speak.  


She: Agreed, but what if you’re in a long distance relationship?


He: Then you should simply set aside as much time as you can.  I understand that it will be far less than those who are in short-distance relationships BUT it’s still there.  If that ends up being Valentine’s Day (which is highly unlikely given that it’s during the school year AND most years ends up on a weekday), then cool!  But if it doesn’t, that doesn’t matter.


She: I see your point. But you mentioned earlier how Valentine’s day just blows money. The thing is that it doesn’t just have to be a one way street. Guys don’t just have to splurge on their favorite girlfriend. This gives girls a chance to splurge on their favorite boyfriend as well.


He: You are grasping for straws I think.  


She: You’d be correct.


He:  Valentine’s Day is a waste of money simply because little things every day is much more impactful than big things once a year.


She: Even though little things every day is more impactful, Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder that we should show our loved one’s how much we care about them.

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