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What makes a good athlete?

Morgan Ottman, Staff Writer

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As school is starting to wind down, spring athletics are starting up.  Many students have competed in athletics for countless years where they dealt with both the challenge of competition as well as finding balance between school and extracurriculars.  It takes certain qualities to find success in competition so, “what makes a good athlete?”


Erica L (senior, track)

The kind of dedication to their sport that will get them up every morning to push themselves to their physical limit, and then some.  Also, the undying desire to constantly improve classifies someone as a good athlete.

Derek M (senior, rugby)

It takes drive. You have to be driven to improve every day. You can’t be satisfied with your last performance.

Carson D (junior, soccer)

Someone that puts in extra work and is a team player throughout whatever the team is going through is a good athlete.

David G (junior, track)

I would say that it’s a mixture of determination, work ethic, natural ability, and their ability to have fun. The best athletes are the ones who are able to have the most fun.

Arissa S (Sophomore, track)

Knowing your game or race or event, along with your capabilities.  Your mind process – it has to be strong.  A weak work ethic and/or attitude will be the only thing holding you back from being a good athlete.

Ethan Reschke (Sophomore, tennis)

The mindset, like the way they think and play, and their confidence also. The way they think in the sport.

Danny Jenkins (Freshmen, golf/rugby)

A good athlete needs to have good work ethic.

Olivia Blaha (freshman, softball)

Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Jagow (golf)

“An athlete is someone who is physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of competing in a sport. They have intrinsic motivation, integrity, and exude leadership. Most of all they lead by example and act as a role model for future athletes.”

Gator (track)

From my coaching perspective, a good athlete is someone who is willing to work hard toward specific improvement goals in practice and in competition.  This person is open minded and flexible to coaching direction, aka “is coachable”.  A good athlete cares, is passionate about and is committed to their sport and their teammates.  They are not afraid to accept challenges knowing that there is a risk of failure and that they don’t always succeed but they are always willing to give it their best effort.  A good athlete pushes their limits.  You are capable of more than you think!

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