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Firehouse Pizza

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Firehouse Pizza

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On February 20th, the Media Studies class was given a great and tasty opportunity to take advantage of.  All the students took a trip to downtown Sheboygan Falls and ate at Firehouse Pizza for a nice lunch outing.  Many of the menu items can be found online through their website.  The rich history behind this restaurant, and even the building itself, can be found on their website as well through a detailed timeline. It begins in 1854 when the building originally housed the Wm. Servis Carriage Factory and continued to be used for different businesses throughout the decades; the most recent business being Firehouse Pizza, which continues to prosper and serve the community one dish at a time.

The students picked out the dishes they wanted to try ahead of time and chose to write an article on their personal experience while at the restaurant.


Bon Appetite

By Alyssa DeFere

On Monday, February 20th, Ms. Hardin’s Media Studies class took a trip to a family restaurant in downtown Sheboygan Falls. Although we arrived to Firehouse Pizza on a Monday afternoon, a work day for most, we were not the only customers. A few tables over from us were some older adults who are around the age of retirement. I can imagine that this is a regular spot for most who are retired and want to get together with friends. Firehouse Pizza is owned by Dorothy Schueffner and has been in business since 1987. But before that, and before the building was added onto, the restaurant used to be a bicycle shop and also an actual firehouse (hence the name). Looking around the room, vintage bicycles hang on the ceiling, along with pickaxes and ladders to go along with the firehouse theme.

Accompanying the wall decor, something else caught my eye. A wall covered in license plates from various states. Curious as to how all of these were collected, our server, Amy (a three year Firehouse Pizza employee) explained that they were donated by customers over the years. “There is one of every fifty states of the United States. There are doubles too,” said Amy. “I have seen probably a dozen, plus, since I’ve been here.”

Firehouse Pizza does not only serve pizza. This family go to spot is well known for their variety of pastas, soups, desserts, and other Italian dishes.

With my meal, I started off with a side salad before my main course. The salad was served with green lettuce, croutons, a fresh cucumber and tomato and the perfect amount of french dressing. The salad had a very fresh taste and was not dry nor too soggy. It was the perfect portion size to hold me over as I waited for my entre.

The Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pasta was served with two breadsticks that were seasoned with parmesean and garlic butter for flavor. The bread was soft but not chewy.

My entre was quite filling, although it was a smaller portion size than some of the other meals. The alfredo sauce was creamy and thick. The broccoli was steamed and a bit crunchy but filled with flavor. The chicken was cut into smaller pieces, which gave a bit of spice to each bite. If you enjoy a healthier dish, but still are looking for a tasteful Italian dish, then you might enjoy this meal.

As I mentioned before, there were some unique decor all around the restaurant that makes it one of a kind. In addition to that, tasteful music played in the background. Several 80’s and country classics, such as “Don’t You” from the original film, “The Breakfast Club” and one of my favorites, “Sweet Home Alabama” played loud enough to hear but not too loud where we were all shouting over each other.

There was a lot of natural light in the room, as most of the outer walls of the building were overcome with large windows. This made the place quite inviting comfortable. There were also some unique stage lights throughout the first floor.

The interior was all a very consistent wooden decor that included with the tables, and floors. The tables were all spread out to make the room appear large and open. The room was not very drafty. It was not too warm nor too cold, just the right temperature for comfort to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

There is also a private room upstairs with the same decor for private events that customers may call ahead of time to make reservations. The room is large enough for a group of any size and is isolated enough to have little to no noise from the dining area down below.

We made reservations ahead of time so we were all seated right away when we arrived to the restaurant. The hostess and waitresses were all very polite and friendly. They were quite helpful and answered any questions that we had while making eye contact. The waitresses were very professional when they served us as well.

Since we were a larger group, it is understandable that our meals were not brought out to us sooner than they were. However, our entrees were still received at a reasonable time.

Overall, Firehouse Pizza is a family friendly restaurant that has a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of natural light. Firehouse has very unique decor that makes it one of a kind and a tourist spot in Sheboygan Falls. The restaurant is appealing to all ages and has a lovely view of Main Street. The food is both filling and affordable. There is much variety and bound to be something that interests everyone.

I would recommend Firehouse Pizza to any Sheboygan or Sheboygan Falls residents who are looking for a nice family sit down with some history behind it. I would rate this restaurant a four out of five stars due to the fact that our meals were running a bit behind. Nonetheless, the meal was delicious.


A Friendly Welcome 

By Connor Pierce

Firehouse Pizza is a local pizza and Italian restaurant in downtown Sheboygan Falls.  Owned by Dorothy Schueffner, the local family business brings in a large crowd consistently 7 days a week.   Firehouse has a historic looking exterior and a very cozy and comforting interior with a little history to go along with the decor as well.  The interior consists of an open and lively environment with old collectors license plates lined up on the wall.  There are also old bike frames hanging on the ceiling because Firehouse used to be a bike shop back in the day.

Shortly after we sat down, our soups and salads were brought to us.  I had the chicken spaetzle soup, in simplest terms it’s like a chicken dumpling soup.  The soup was very good, the veggies and noodles were cooked perfectly.  The broth was also very tasty.   Breadsticks were also brought out with the soups and salads.  The breadsticks were very moist and tasted very good.  After, our entrees were brought out.  I ordered the broccoli chicken Alfredo with bread sticks.  The chicken Alfredo was very creamy and tasty.  The chicken was cooked and seasoned good as well.  The broccoli was also steamed to perfection and cooked in well with the Alfredo sauce.  I also split a brownie sundae with a friend who was also along.  The sundae consisted of a homemade brownie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream  and  fudge.  All of it was amazing and the brownie was very moist and tasty.

The environment of the restaurant was very welcoming.  It had subtle but fitting background music playing.  The windows in the restaurant really opened up the place and made it seem very cozy.  The wooden interior is also very welcoming with all the license plates hanging up all along the building.  The atmosphere in the building is also very nice.  Firehouse is a very family friendly restaurant.  The waiting staff was very kind and greeted us with great manor.  The overall vibe of the restaurant was very welcoming and cozy.  I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area who wants a tasty bite to eat for not a lot of money.


Breadsticks, Pizza and Tortes.  Oh my! 

By Andrew Kruegar

In 1987, a young aspiring entrepreneur opened a warm and comforting restaurant in downtown Sheboygan Falls, and still to this day, it is thriving. This quaint restaurant was opened in a constantly re-purposed building in 1987. It was built originally in 1857 as a carriage factory, and after that it was used as a factory and a public works building, until Dorothy Schueffner purchased it and turned it into a lovely restaurant. When I walked in, I was kindly greeted. I felt at home. The population was many older people, but because it was lunch time on a weekday, that is pretty understandable. Overall, Firehouse Pizza is a comforting and warm environment, that almost anyone would feel welcome in.

The atmosphere was very laid back and comfortable with a rustic feel. Though there was no music, the hardwood created an echo in the restaurant that filled the space making it feel more comforting to everybody that was there. The decor was pleasing with a northern Wisconsin wood cabin feel, while still looking like a firehouse. There were bicycles hanging from the ceiling, license plates on the wall, and still they had the original firehouse circular staircase and glass garage doors. Overall the atmosphere was calm and comforting.

When we were greeted, they sat us down right away, and we were introduced to our waitress. We were brought our drinks quite briskly, and did have a little bit of a wait- about 10-15 minutes- before we got our food, which was understandable due to the size of the group that was attending. After we received our food, our waitress checked on us quite a bit, and even brought pitchers of drinks most people were drinking, such as Mountain Dew and water. Firehouse pizza is quite hospitable.


As a lover of anything with gluten in it, I figured that these would be delicious, and they were better than my expectation for the style of restaurant. I was met with a large pile of bread sticks that tasted, felt, and smell very fresh, the opposite of many restaurants of this type. They compared to types of bread sticks I would find as local restaurants like Il Ritrovo. Overall they were I would give them nine out of ten stars.

EMT pizza:

When this came I was presently surprised. It was served on a metal platter and was topped with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The first bite, though delicious, I did find a little hard to eat, due to the crunchy crust and the fact that the lettuce and tomatoes were not secured so they fell off easily. Aside from that the pizza was very delicious, with beautiful melted cheese and bacon thickly spread across the top. Overall I would rate it seven and a half out of ten stars.

Chocolate Eau Claire torte:

My mouth was salivating over the thought of this- and even more at the look of it. Chocolate ganache thickly spread across the top, and underneath a delicious looking cream, all in the shell of what would be an eclair shell, but made as a torte shell. The first bite was amazing, and the second bite was even better. The rich chocolate was surprisingly not overpowering the vanilla creme, and it was all balanced perfectly. My only complaint is that there wasn’t more even though it was a very large slice. Overall I would rate it ten out of ten stars.

When I went to Firehouse Pizza, I was in love with the decor and, more importantly, the food. I would definitely go back and I would encourage anybody to go, as they serve to many dietary needs and any age could enjoy their food. There is a lot of food, which is good for picky eaters, and the food tastes excellent, which is good for fine diners. One of the best parts about it is that it is good for families due to its relatively low and affordable price point. The food is fantastic, especially their desserts, and anybody could enjoy it. Firehouse Pizza has many varying types of food, while generally staying in the Western European food theme, which tied it all together I believe.

An Iconic Landmark 

By Tess Mauer

As you drive by the iconic landmark of Firehouse Pizza in Sheboygan Falls, what comes to mind? Did you ever think that this old firehouse would become a restaurant?  Firehouse Pizza, owned by Dorothy Schueffner, is a family restaurant that is a must go to for the citizens of Sheboygan Falls.  Workers at Firehouse Pizza feel at home and like a close knit family who work  well together, our waitress Amy had said. .   Firehouse is also a great place to find a little piece of every state while enjoying their wide selection of food. Along the walls of Firehouse you can see the license plates that customers have donated to keep the collection growing.  Along with these license plates are bicycles.  These bikes come from the part of Firehouse that once was a bicycle store.  

First served was the chicken specheal, a dish  just like chicken noodle, but dumplings replace the noodles.  This soup is brothy and full of fresh veggies, the entire dish creamy and light. It had a pleasant aroma and was most visually appealing. .  Next was  the broccoli chicken alfredo,  a dish to die for.  Served with a side of bread sticks, this dish will fill you up.  These wonderful fettuccine noodles are grouped with a creamy alfredo sauce with pieces of chicken and broccoli added.  Lastly, Oreo crumble with a layer of ice cream with some peanuts and a layer of decatic chocolate filled the final order for the day.  Does that sound good to you?  If so, then you must try the Buster Bar Torte.  Served frozen, it is the perfect ending to your dinner.

Firehouse is a place where you can relax and enjoy your dinner, whether it is with your family or your friends.  The level of comfort is high and enjoyable. Firehouse has a wide selection of decorations.  There is a wide selection of drivers licences and firehouse gear.  The position of the tables applies to all people, although not all tables matched,   t is definitely accessible to all people that come to Firehouse. As for lighting I would say it is very open to light with great big windows to the front of the building. As I was enjoying my lunch I was accompanied by soft music playing in the background.

For having a large group of people attend our waitress did the best she could.    As we entered the build we were greeted with the warmest smiles. We were all seated at one long table in the front of the building.  I believe that they placed us there so that when it came time for our food to be served they could get to us efficiently. During the time we attended there weren’t that many people so communication was not a problem.

Overall, Firehouse Pizza is a great place to have dinner or lunch. With amazing prices and a little bit of history as you eat, you can’t go wrong with this choice.  Firehouse is a close knit family that prides itself on making their guests feel apart of that family.  I recommend that all people no matter what age make their way to Firehouse to enjoy a nice meal with their family or friends.

109 Maple Street 

By Tayler Lynn Otten

Firehouse Pizza is a cozy, welcoming restaurant in downtown Sheboygan Falls at 109 Maple St. The owner, Dorothy Schueffner, has been the owner since 1997 and has made Firehouse Pizza the great Italian restaurant it is today. Built in 1854, this building has loads of character and history. It went from being a carriage factory, to a building that manufactured cheese factory equipment, to a firehouse, to a temporary YMCA, then, finally, to a restaurant, in 1987. Firehouse Pizza is an Italian food based restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta, but also caters to those who aren’t particularly fond of Italian foods by providing subs and sandwiches. The staff is understanding and friendly and, as a waitress by the name of Amy says, “Every co-worker here is like family to me”. After having worked there for 3 years, she happily announces, “This is the best business I’ve worked for”.

Food: 5/5

I ordered breadsticks for my appetizer and they were fantastic. They had the perfect amount of seasoning, a beautiful golden color, and an amazing, satisfying texture. They had a nice, soft center and just the right amount of crunch on the ends. Lightly seasoned with parmesan cheese, and laced with the perfect amount of garlic, these breadsticks are the perfect appetizer to satisfy your hunger until your main course arrives. Not to mention, the mouthwatering aroma it brings as it comes to your table.

For my main course, I ordered a 10” build your own pizza and added pepperoni, sausage, and black olives. It was phenomenal! All of the ingredients seemed to work wonderfully together and made me fall in love with pizza all over again. It had a crispy, thin crust, loads of sauce, and was adorned with an amazing golden brown cheese. The sausage was seasoned nicely and the pepperoni was not overly spicy or greasy. And even though the 10” was a little too much for just myself, it made for great leftovers for lunches.

Atmosphere: 5/5

The restaurant had a warm and cozy feel that you couldn’t help but feel at home in. Decorated with a wall full of license plates and antique bikes hanging everywhere, it gave you a real feel of the history behind the building. Each table was spaced nicely, allowing enough space for each dinner party to feel comfortable. The tables and chairs were wooden and surprisingly comfortable. Although not all of the tables were the same shape or style of wood, they worked nicely with the rest of the decor. While many of the walls were painted a cream color, there was a brick wall that reminded you of what the building used to be. There were plenty of windows for guests to gaze at the downtown scene. The soft lighting and music assortment added to the coziness of the restaurant.

Hospitality: 5/5

When we walked into the restaurant, we were welcomed with friendly smiles as they led us to our table. They had pushed several tables together for us and were very fast to get us our drinks right away. They were also very fast to get us our food, considering the big order we had. The servers were very understanding and helpful. They were polite and excused themselves when they had to reach past a person to hand another their meal or drink. They provided extra pitchers of soda for us without being asked. They were very knowledgeable about the menu and were able to describe to us what soups were available that day and what was in the desserts. Overall, they made the experience so much more memorable and were great to be around.

Overall Experience: 5/5

Overall, Firehouse Pizza was a great restaurant with loads of character, and I would definitely go again sometime soon. The people were great, the decor made you feel at home, and the food was just amazing. Even after so many years of use, the building was in great condition and you could tell that it was taken care of and loved. Firehouse Pizza is a great place to take your family, have date night, or even host a party. If you love the simplistic side of things, you will love Firehouse. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Italian food, there are plenty of other options to choose. So, check it out and try something amazing, you won’t regret it.

Family Friendly Restaurant 

By Emma Schuren

Firehouse Pizza is a family-friendly restaurant owned by Dorothy Schueffner that has been operating since 1987. They serve homemade Italian food such as: soups, pizza, and pasta and that makes it a local hotspot for great cuisine in Sheboygan Falls. Located directly downtown next to the Post Office, Firehouse Pizza also has a bit of history behind it, which connects it even further to the community. Before turning into Firehouse Pizza it was a carriage house and the official fire station for Sheboygan Falls.

Firehouse Pizza’s atmosphere is casual and family-friendly. They have license plates lining the far wall and mismatched tables. The staff also helped to contribute to the family-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant itself isn’t very large, which gives off a cozy vibe. The tables aren’t very large, which makes it easier to have conversations with your dinner dates. The restaurant noise is not loud at all and they even have soft music playing in the background. Overall, the restaurant is cozy and bright.

The staff at Firehouse Pizza were incredibly nice. They had set up places for the Talon staff, as well as myself, and were friendly when explaining the menu. After ordering our waitress Amy told us a little more about the history of Firehouse and talked more about her coworkers. She said, “We’re all like family here.” The food came in a short amount of time and was served well. The rest of the staff, just like Amy, were all polite and helpful if we needed anything.

Overall, I would recommend Firehouse Pizza to anyone in the area of Sheboygan Falls. I would give the restaurant 5 out of 5 stars because the food was homemade and delicious, the staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was cozy yet comfortable. Firehouse Pizza is a downtown staple to the community and everyone should check it out.

The Community Centerpiece 

By Autumn Scott

When first visiting the family restaurant of Firehouse Pizza one is comforted by the cozy, decorative atmosphere, and delicious aroma of fresh pizza. Firehouse Pizza is best known for their pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. The restaurant has an overall atmosphere and menu perfect for all ages.

While visiting Firehouse Pizza, the decorations of the restaurant are creatively split down the middle of the restaurant as a reflection of the history that occurred before it. One half of the restaurant is decorated with firefighter gear as it had been the Sheboygan Falls Fire Station for the duration of the early 1900’s. One of the main highlights of this half is the badges of those who served as firemen and/or policemen that have been donated by community members to serve as decorations. The other half of the restaurant is designed to incorporate the car/bicycle repair shop that had been in service during the early to mid 1900’s as well. While maintaining a strong connection to the community’s past, the restaurant also highlighted modern aspects in it’s music, furniture, and lighting.

Along with the diverse atmosphere, the menu of Firehouse Pizza carries a wide variety of options including pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. Having chosen the chicken parmesan entree off of the menu, I was given the choice of garlic bread or breadsticks as well as the choice of soup or salad. I decided to choose the garlic bread and bean and ham soup. The bean and ham soup was a tasty combination of creamy bean soup with a touch of ham. Every entree option arrives to the table within a timely fashion and never leaves one feeling hungry. The chicken parmesan was a combination of zesty marinara covered noodles, grilled chicken breast, and baked mozzarella and parmesan cheese. This seemed to be a menu favorite amongst others as well.  

Overall, Firehouse Pizza is a historical, community centerpiece known for it’s creative design, delicious pizza, and great memories. The restaurant creates a fun atmosphere for all ages while serving delicious food guaranteed to leave you feeling full. I would recommend Sheboygan Falls Firehouse Pizza to anyone looking for a casual night out or celebrating any occasion. It won’t dissapoint!

Bike shop to a wonderful restaurant 

By Arnu Phonnachit

Firehouse Pizza is located on 109 Maple St, Sheboygan Falls. The owner of the restaurant (Dorothy Schueffner) started this business science 1887 and has great plans for the restaurant. A waitress named Amy said, “Half of this restaurant used to be a bike shop, but Dorothy bought the store and expanded her restaurant.” I thought this was a interesting fact because I would have never knew that unless I was alive in the time period. This restaurant is welcomed to all ages, and serves to accommodate anyone. They have a large range of pizzas, soups, sandwiches, and salads. If you were vegetarian they would have pizzas and soups for you, and if you have dietary problems they make sure your needs are met.

For my appetizer I had breadsticks. The breadsticks came with two dipping sauces: ranch and marinara.  The breadsticks were also a golden color and had a garlic butter glaze. It was larger than the average bread sticks that you get from Pizza hut, and Dominos, and when I held the bread stick in my hand. The crust was smooth, and when I bit  inside the breadstick. It was chewy and delightful. The Aroma was wonderful and rich with flavor. The price of the bread sticks was $4.99, and I think it is reasonable because it comes in a bundle of six.

For my main dish I had a Chicken Breast sandwich, and for the side dish I had plain potato chips. The sandwich presentation was a bit sloppy and could use improvement, but besides that the sandwich aroma was strong and was pleasent. The bread was soft and the chicken was soft and not tough. The taste was delightful and I would order it again. The size was like a  regular sandwich and the sandwich was also colorful. The price of this meal was $6.99, and I think it is reasonable because the portions was just right.

Finally for dessert I had the Black Forest Sundae. The Black Forest Sundae came in a small bowl, and the aroma was sweet and savory. I liked how the colors contrasted each other (White from the ice cream, brown from the brownies, and red form the cherries). The ice cream was smooth and cool, while the brownie was soft like fudge. The cherries, however, tasted like medicine I dislike the taste of cherry medicine. The price of this dessert was $3.49, and I think it is reasonable because the portions are very large

The atmosphere of Firehouse made me feel at ease. The lighting was dim and the colors were faded and dark. They also had bicycles hanging from the ceiling to acknowledge that this was once a bicycle shop. They also had license plates from around the states. Showing what people traveled, here and where they were from. The tables were made with wood and with the lighting. The tables looked like it was old, but this old was comforting and pleasing to the eye. The noise level was at a minimum you could only hear hush whispers if you listen closely, so it was easy for me to hear my friends talk. Overall I think the atmosphere of Firehouse was calming and would make people come to ease.  

When I first entered Firehouse pizza. A waitress named Amy gave me a warm welcome. She directed me to my designated table, and asked if I needed anything. She took in my orders and questions, then told me it would take a little bit. I thanked her and was satisfied. It didn’t take long before my food arrived. She asked if I needed anything else and I told her I was ok. She left with a smile and would check on me periodically. I would say that the hospitality of Firehouse was outstanding and I would recommend this to anyone due to the hospitality.  

Overall Firehouse Pizza has a lot of good foods that can accommodate to anyone needs and wants. The atmosphere is also soothing and calm. The waitress and waiters are nice and welcoming, letting you have a nice time there and leave you with a big smile. My overall opinion of the restaurant would be yes, I would recommend this to anyone. The reason being is because they welcome anyone and can serve any age. If you are looking for a place to eat, go to Firehouse for a nice meal.   

Excellent restaurant, excellent vibe

By Ashton Ottensmann

Firehouse Pizza is a pizzeria located in Sheboygan Falls on Maple Street. Their most common food is pizza. The building use to be a cheese factory and a fire station. That is the reason why they turned it into a firehouse themed restaurant. Dorothy S. purchased the building in 1997 and she turned it into a family restaurant.

I had a pizza called Appetizer Extinguisher. This pizza included: green olives, sausage, and pepperoni. The texture was perfect for a pizza. It had a crunchy crust, and fresh vegetables. My pizza smelled delicious. The 10” is a perfect personal pizza.

It was kind of comfortable. The chairs had the perfect amount of cushion. The decoration kind of looks like my bedroom when it gets messy but I do like the license plates. The decorations hanging from the ceiling we almost random and really didn’t have a purpose. The building was clean other than the clutter off of the ceiling. The setup of the seating was perfect, you were not to close to someone.  It was really set up nice. I really enjoyed the design of the table. The lighting was perfect. It was not too light or too dark.the natural light was pleasant because fluorescent lights give me headaches  I enjoyed the music. It was more of an oldies style of music such as “Sweet Home Alabama”and I really enjoyed it. It didn’t have the awkward silence but it was not overly loud. We were greeted with great respect and a large smile. The seating was fairly cluttered, but it was just for our Sheboygan Falls media studies class. Which was understandable, considering we had a large crowd. The people at Firehouse Pizza are excellent people. I think the restaurant itself was really cluttered but the design was a good idea.

The waitresses served a big crowd with minimal fuss. They asked if we needed refills and checked in frequently. Our food came fast, for having a large crowd. The people at Firehouse Pizza are excellent people. They were really nice and friendly. They gave off the vibe that you could ask them anything.

The restaurant overall was excellent. I would recommend this restaurant to older couples because the music is more their style and the prices are not outrageously expensive. I would recommend this restaurant to families as well because of the friendly atmosphere.

Pizza with a side of history 

By Dajzia Taylor

Firehouse Pizza is a local small town family restaurant. They specialize in pizza and Italian cuisine. When you walk into the restaurant, you notice the decorations and the  home like atmosphere. All the people who work there are very warm and welcoming. My first dish was a salad with ranch. It was a bright fresh green color, the lettuce was crisp and natural taste. It was the perfect size for me it was about a median sized salad. It was big enough to take your time and enjoy but not to much to make you full before your main dish. My main dish was the cheese ravioli:  three cheese stuffed ravioli in red sauce , covered with mozzarella. The cheese was my favorite part of the dish it was soft and in every bite you got a string of cheese from your plate to your mouth . My least favorite part of the dish was the sauce but if someone likes a sweeter sauce then they may really like this dish. I would recommend this dish if you like a nice warm cheesy delight.

The overall atmosphere is very warm and comfortable from the people to the appearance. Everyone was welcoming. If you needed anything they we’re happy to get it for you. When you walk into the main dining area with all the windows allowing the light in, it gives the place an inviting feel.The decorations really stuck out; the use of old license plates shows the personality of fun and unique.  I enjoyed everything about the atmosphere.  It gave me this home like feeling. When walking in right off the bat you got a warm welcome. They had us seated right away and took drink orders. When the drinks came, so did any side orders that may have came with your main dish. Most people’s dishes came out relatively fast but others took some time and while others were finishing some were just starting. The people were really kind when it came to answering our questions no matter what they were. The whole time we were there everyone was very kind.

In all, I would highly recommend Firehouse Pizza. All of the workers were welcoming and kind. The atmosphere of the place makes you feel comfortable from the workers to the decoration.  The history of the building has to be my favorite part of the whole experience.  I like the thought that it used to be an actual fire house. The food we relatively good; I would recommend the cheese ravioli to anyone who likes a lot of cheese and a sweet red sauce. I really enjoyed the whole experience at Firehouse Pizza for anyone who would like Italian food or delicious pizza.

50 years worth of family 

By Usman Rasheed

The name of the restaurant we visited is named Firehouse Pizza. The name of the owner is Dorothy Scheffner. One of the workers that I came in contact with her name was Amy. The Firehouse Pizza restaurant is located in the middle of Sheboygan Falls where different families come to eat. Mostly they serve pizza for which their restaurant is most popular. The building was originally created in 1856 and has been in business for 50 years. One of the questions that I asked one of the staff members was,  “what makes this restaurant”and she answered that “all different types of families visit here and so that makes it a family restaurant”.

The atmosphere of Firehouse Pizza was unique than compared to most other restaurants. It was different in a way of its comfort. The service itself was quick and pleasing. The restaurant’s walls had a ton of stuff on to draw the attention of the customer and the walls on the right had names written of the people who previously owned the restaurant. There were bicycles hanging out from the roof. There were open shelves on the wall on the left where they put some of their crockery for display. The furniture was placed in an orderly form. The big large tables spread out horizontally with round tables on each corner. The small tables sat out with four chairs on each leg. There was carpet spread all over the place with designs of flowers and some plain ones. As I visited the restaurant in the daytime so I pretty much was not able to experience the lighting and so during that time the restaurant didn’t have enough customers but the slow country music in the background filled the aroma and the atmosphere with beauties.

The food that they are popular is pizza and so I decided to try that. I was served with a vegetable pizza with olives , tomato, red and sliced onions and other ingredients. The color of it was a reddish green. The taste was exactly the same as a vegetable pizza would taste like. The texture of it was full of colors. As far as the size goes it was the large size pizza.  Breadsticks the send food sample which I literally loved were phenomenal.

The restaurant and the staff  treated us really well. We were accompanied by one of the staff members. She led us to our respected tables.The atmosphere within the restaurant was pretty social. Every person had their seats setup and their names written on strips of paper. With our order of food written on it and with the type of drinks we wanted.After settling down, we were again joined by one of the staff members. We were being served by drinks and bread sticks in the beginning. When we were done ,we still had little bit more chatting conversation with the staff.

The visit to the restaurant was phenomenal. The staff, music, food, and atmosphere everything was nicely setup. As I said earlier, from my point of view it was was good visit. The best thing I really loved was the serving with the breadsticks before the food. Other than that, the friendly atmosphere that was created by the staff and the owners is what I think attracts and makes customers happy.

Bikes hanging from the ceilings, pizza filling the tables and smiles all over 

By Robyn Weyer

Firehouse Pizza is a restaurant that is located 109 Maple St, in Sheboygan Falls. The restaurant serves pizza, sandwiches and desserts. The owner of Firehouse Pizza is Dorothy Schueffner and her restaurant  is for people of all ages. Firehouse Pizza was built in 1854 and used to be a real firehouse.  I had a 10 inch sausage pizza. The pizza tasted amazing and the color looked good and it wasn’t overcooked or undercooked it was just right. The smell was wonderful and the texture was smooth.  The breadsticks tasted like garlic and the smell was amazing. The texture was smooth and the size was a medium size and wasn’t that large, the color was tan with flecks of garlic on it.

The atmosphere was calming and the seating was comforting even though the chairs were made of wood.  The decorations were cool with bikes hanging from the ceiling and license plates on the a wall. The lighting was good because it wasn’t too bright or too dim. The music was a little bit loud but it was still good music. The noise level wasn’t to loud because they weren’t many people in the restaurant for the lunchtime crowd.  

When we got into the restaurant we were greeted by the hostess, we were brought to our table in the back that was already set up for us. The serving was quick, as the waitress was prepared for our orders by name tags.  When we asked questions the waitress gave us thoughtful answers.

Overall I enjoyed my time at FireHouse Pizza and the food was really good the service was great and the seating was good. I thought it was cool how they had bikes hanging from the ceiling and license plates on a wall. I also liked that there was music was playing in the background . I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes pizza, pasta, or any form of comfort food.

An alarm (pizza) you won’t get sick of 

By Mitchell Nemechek

Firehouse Pizza is a local Italian restaurant and pizza parlor located in downtown Sheboygan Falls. It’s owned by Dorothy Schuffner who is part of the local family business that brings in a large crowd each day of the week. They typically serve Italian food, but they also serve sandwiches. The people who usually come in the restaurant are locals who live around the area. One interesting fact about the restaurant’s history is that before Firehouse Pizza became a restaurant it was a bicycle shop. A few years after that it expanded into a restaurant that many people enjoy to eat at. The interview question that I asked the waitress was “how many pizza’s do you make in a day”. The waitress told me it all depends what type of day it is and sometimes it could be 60 to 70 pizzas per day. It also depends how many people come in the restaurant and eat pizza.

The first thing that I had to eat at the firehouse was breadsticks. The breadsticks smelled really good, they had butter on them with a little bit of parmesan cheese. Once you had taken a bit of the breadstick it was out of this world. Nothing you have ever tasted before. The color of the breadstick was like a sandy looking, but it smelled good and it tasted awesome.

The second item that I had was the Four Alarm pizza. The Four Alarm pizza was a cheese pizza with all different types of cheese. When you took the first bite of the pizza it melted right in your mouth. The different types of cheese blends all coming together to make this pizza so good. Once you take a piece  of pizza you start to crave more than one. The smell of the pizza was so amazing. The texture of the pizza was very good, and the crust was a little crunchy just like the crust it supposed to be. The size of the pizza was a good size that you could eat it and not get to full.

The third and final thing that I had to eat was a brownie sundae. The brownie sundae had ice cream, brownie, and whipped cream on top to top it off. Once you took the first bit you could taste all of the flavors working together to make it so good. The texture was of the brownie was just right because it wasn’t too mushy or hard to eat.

The ambience of the restaurant was fairly nice and there were decorations all around the room. However, the plain old wood chairs that kind of hurt you’re butt after sitting in the same spot for a while. The decorations that they had were lot of antiques that used to belong to the bike shop that use to be there. They had a bunch of bikes that were hanging from the ceiling giving a nice vintage vibe. They had a lot of license plates from most of the states that people would leave behind after they ate at the firehouse restaurant. The furniture position was pretty good so they could get the large parties in the back of the restaurant and small parties in the front. They could put some people in the upstairs part of the restaurant if it started to get busy. The lighting was pretty so you could see the people around you and so you could see more of the atmosphere.

The music that they were playing was at a nice sound so you could hear the people next to you and the music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear anything at all. The music that they played was more older music then what we listen to now. It was a nice change to hear some older music rather than the new “pop” music. We had seats reserved for us, so when we got there we had are seats already.  The seating was okay we sat right next to the windows so everybody who walked by saw us.

The serving was pretty good the waitress was nice to us and always came back to ask us how our meal was. She also refilled our drinks when they were empty. They treated us really well and made us feel welcome in their establishment.

The communication was pretty good she asked us what we were having and how our food tasted before and after we had it. She was open to taking questions when we asked her questions about the Firehouse Pizza.  She gave us the whole run down about the Firehouse Pizza and where it had originated.

The food was right on time and there wasn’t long of a wait. It was the Four Alarm pizza was so good and everything was done perfectly.  

The food that I had at Firehouse Pizza was really good everything there was done to perfection, including the appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The overall experience and my opinion of the restaurant was pretty good. It could have been updated a little bit so it could have looked a little newer of a restaurant.

I would recommend it to probably anyone is looking for some good food by a local restaurant and low prices. The food was good and you want to some nice historical views of the restaurant you look around and see the history behind the restaurant. Any type of crowd can go there is a very good atmosphere and enjoy the music that is provided.

Atmospherically delicious 

By Lyndsie Christenson Schwab


The restaurant was full of amazing things and had the smell of Italian cheese, it was very neatly organized. It is in Sheboygan Falls by the BP gas station. Many ages come to eat at this restaurant. It had a warm comfy atmosphere to it and the tables were different from each other and they had very unique things in there establishment. The history of Firehouse Pizza use to be a firehouse station, a city hall, police department and a YMCA. It was built in 1854 where it became a Jolt’s Home Repair.  In 1958 it was sold to Walter W Schaumann. It became a restaurant and opened the doors Feb 4 1997. My question was, “How many pizzas do you think you guys make in a day of work.” She answered that it was 60-70 pizzas a day. That is a lot of pizza in one day because they hand make the pizza and that can be time consuming. Firehouse Pizzas decorations included bikes and license plates. It was a nice temperature was comfy. The tables were put up for our whole class to fit in one area. The tables were different from each other, different woods and stains. Lighting was more of a natural lighting which is nice because they are saving electricity. The had older music but it was still popular because we knew all the words to it. There wasn’t much noise because it was in the afternoon on a weekday, so not many customers came.  It had comfy chairs that didn’t hurt you’re backs. It had the big windows to see the outside while you eat. The employees were very kind and understanding when we changed our seats. They greeted us with a huge smile and asked how we were doing while we ate. Seating was great, We got seats by the windows, so we could eat and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Serves was amazing, she knew exactly where we were sitting and if they got confused they asked us nicely who was who. The communication was great because they knew ahead of time of what we wanted and let us ask questions.  Timeliness was okay, just that some of the food that doesn’t take as long as making a fresh pizza should be out first. Other than that, the time was good and we got refills fast. The first item I got was the breadsticks, and they were delectable. They were a brownish/yellow color, light and fluffy.  They smelt fresh out of the oven and were buttered.  I used pizza sauce for the dip and it was fresh and just right.  5/5

My second dish was The Meatball Sub. The smell was a delicious smell and the bread was held together very well and it wasn’t to hard or to soggy.  It was not too cold and not piping hot, it was the perfect temperature. The taste was very tasty and likable, and had the right amount of onions and peppers. It was a brownish color with cheese melted on top of it, which is the normal color of cooked meat. 4/5

My last dish was Cheese Cake. It had a egg shell white on the top and a sandy brown on the bottom. It was in the perfect cut in a square and had a perfect top with no dents. It has a cream cheese smell with a hint of graham crackers. It tasted like a homemade cake that was recently made. It had a cloud like texture and was soft to the touch and melted in your mouth. 5/5

Overall experience was great with exceptional food quality, great music and much more. There was just a long wait for your food but the wait is worth it. I would come here again on my own time to eat. I recommend my friends and family to come here because they like pizza and their food is great. They would enjoy it as much as I did and love the food just as much. The restaurant has a very unique way of there set up and have plenty of stuff to look at. It was an amazing time spent there and can not wait to spend many more times here.

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