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Softball Bats Up for Season

Tess Mauer, Staff Writer

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Softball takes on a new season and a new coach. Coach Baynes takes the Lady Falcons under his wings as the season kicks off. Returning assistant coach Shane Zephrin and new head coach Matt Baynes came into this season with hopes of having an on the ball varsity team. After coming off a pretty good season the Lady Falcons are hoping to do the same this season. Last season the Falcons lost some of their most valuable players. With a loss of these players,the Lady Falcons push themselves harder than ever to bring their varsity team into full swing.

Now that the season is underway, let’s go into the minds of some of the players. Senior captain Amanda Senglaub says, “I’d like to see all of my teammates improve and for us to win more than we lose. So far, we have had a lot of cancellations but we have had some wins and some close games. I like the way that our varsity team has a positive attitude and we work together.”  Some of her favorite parts of this season are, “working with my team and bus rides.” Amanda would also like to see her along with the team win their first regional game. As the season comes to a close it is clear to see that Amanda is going to miss the fun that she has been apart of during high school.

Junior captain McKenna Mauer says, “Even though our record isn’t how we would like it to be, we’re still having fun and enjoying playing this game together as a team.” “So far, I enjoy how our coach does his best to stay positive throughout all of our difficult times as a team and individually. I also appreciate how much time and effort our assistant coach puts into our season, trying to make us all better players and people,” says McKenna about head Coach Baynes and assistant Coach Shane.  McKenna would also like to see herself along with the team improve physically and mentally. As the season runs down McKenna can be seen supporting her teammates no matter what position they are playing.

Sophomore pitcher Caitlin Trumm says, “Yes,we haven’t been winning a ton of games but at the end of the night we are sitting side by side with smiles on our faces because we know we all have each other’s backs no matter what. We win together and we lose together.” Caitlin sees her teammates as her family and would do anything to help make their time on the team better.Caitlin talked about what she wants to accomplish, “ I want to be able to improve my athletic ability by the end of this season. I want to be able to look back and congratulate myself for all the hard work that I have put in towards this season. I want to be as proud of myself as my friends and family are.” Caitlin is the only varsity pitcher as of this season. She would like to see herself and others improve and is going to miss the players that are leaving at the end of this year.

Avery Olafson is a freshman on the varsity team. Avery spends time on both varsity and JV teams. Avery says, “So far our softball season included lots of hard work.” As for the new coach, “Our new coach this year has done a great job always encouraging the team throughout games and practice,” says Olafson. Avery also doesn’t know what she would have liked to see happen this season but that her favorite part was, “My favorite part of the season so far is just seeing the team bond and work together during games.” As a freshman,Avery is very passionate about the sport and would like to continue to play the rest of her high school years.

The season is almost over and the Sheboygan Falls Lady Falcons are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are now noticing that some of the friends they have made over the years are going to be leaving for college soon. Friends are leaving and the season is ending. The team does not know what is yet to come but they’re are willing to see past the pain of their friends leaving and see all the great opportunities that are coming their way.

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Softball Bats Up for Season