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Photo Credit: Hogue

Photo Credit: Hogue

Morgan Ottman, Staff Writer

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As May arrives, we are offered the chance to reflect on our past school year.  8 days left, our classes are nearly finished and we have developed opinions on class content.  

While core classes of math, science, english, and history offer the basis of our education, electives allow students to explore their interests and passions.  For underclassmen, electives are the “fun” classes of the day; for upperclassmen, they allow students to narrow career choices.  Now at the end of the year, I asked students, “What is your favorite elective and why?”

Olivia Krueger, Senior

“My favorite elective is robotics because I have learned so much about engineering and design. Robotics helped me realize that I really do want to be an engineer, and it helped me meet so many amazing people.”


Jared Tenpas, Senior

“I would say my favorite elective class would be personal finance because I have learned so much about how to manage money and it is also fun learning certain things that will help me live life by applying my knowledge, which will make me become more successful as a person in the future.”


Kristen Peterson, Junior

“I would say my favorite elective is band. I really enjoy this class because  I love playing music with friends and getting to know new people. Mr. B is a great teacher and always makes band class fun! It’s also awesome to see the how much the band improves throughout the year in our music.”


Adam Lemahieu, Junior

“My favorite elective is Loppnow’s 3D classes, I love sculpting things and making them by hand in that class, it’s really fun and your can be super creative. It’s a class I wish I had every year so I could do it all the time.”



Hannah Lillesand, Sophomore

“My favorite elective is Spanish.  Learning Spanish has given me confidence and opportunities, including traveling to a foreign country.  Spanish class is my favorite of the day and helps me to de-stress.”


Justin Tenpas, Sophomore

“My favorite elective in school is Spanish because it gives you the opportunity to speak a different language, and it’s fun to learn about other cultures on how they speak.  Also, it’s useful if you ever want to travel and work with people that speak Spanish.  Spanish class challenges you because it pushes you to work hard to remember words and phrases.”


Abi Charbonneau, Freshman

“My favorite elective is Spanish because I not only enjoy learning about the language, but also learning about the cultures of the countries that speak it.”


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