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Arnu Phonnachit, Staff Writer

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Emma Schuren gets in her lovely car drives to school, and muster all her motivation and enters the school. She walks slowly up the stair and goes to her locker. Everyone just runs past her but she does not care. She puts in her earbuds and listen to Adele and walks to class with a smile.


This is Emma’s life:


Emma ignores all the haters and makes them jealous with her gorgeous outfits, and she is waiting for a very special day.


Emma maybe single but she has the best friends in the world, and they mean everything to her and that’s what makes them special.


Emma creates beautiful art that no one can ignore. The art pieces just lures everyone in, and that what makes her happy.


Emma loves counting the days because soon she will go to Europe and maybe find some hot guys. She really does not need to go to Europe for one, because tinder is her life saver.


Emma listen to Adele to get inspiration for the day. No one will try argue with her, because no one knows that until now.


Emma ignores all tests because it is the end of the school year, and she dislike tests. Then again everyone hates test.


Emma plans to go to Oshkosh and get a degree in social work, but what she wants the most is a major in psychology.


Emma may be emotional but it that what makes her unique and loving. Also, it shows how strong she is.


Emma Schuren is a normal person, but any normal person can be unique in their own special way. Emma lives her life the way she is, and nobody really knows that lifestyle. People might not want to know her, but this is a short story about her.



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