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Alyssa De Fere, Staff Writer

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Fleurette is a new boutique in Sheboygan Falls that opened in December of last year. Owner, Ghada Bawdi, came from the Middle East to the United States in 2001 to follow her dream.

Being a lover of sports and staying physically fit, Bawdi wanted to offer comfortable clothes so that her customers can look and feel good while working out.  “I wanted to bring things that we don’t have around here. I’m very active and I love workout active wear/comfortable clothes. I love to be comfortable,” said Bawdi. “Wearing the right clothes actually do help you workout better. I like to look different, I like to wear different things that not everybody has.”

Some of the lines that are used in Bawdi’s store are unique, ones that probably not very many people have heard of in Sheboygan Falls. One of her favorites is Locally Grown, which consists entirely of organic fabrics. “I’m also working with a line that’s called Beloved and it’s 100% US product. It’s very soft, very comfortable,” said Bawdi. A goal that Ghada strives for is that everything in her store will be a United States manufactured product and that it can be affordable for everyone.

New clothes, this spring, consists of: swimsuits, graphic tees, workout leggings, and sun dresses. Check it out before they’re gone!

Fleurette is currently open from 10:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. Monday through Saturday. As of right now, the boutique is closed on Sundays but Ghada is considering to change that in the future. Holiday hours are typically open longer until 7:00p.m.

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