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National Yearbook Week Ends With A Sweet Victory For SFHS Students

Sierra McGill, Staff Writer

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On October 2nd through October 6th, the thirtieth yearbook week took place in hundreds of schools across the country. In Sheboygan Falls High School, the memorable week had numerous activities to take part in for both the students and staff.  

Each day of the week had a theme that all high school attendees could participate in, from crazy hat day all the way to retro day! Many of the students would agree that the most intriguing event of the week was the penny wars.

Penny wars is an event held every year at the high school. Glass jars are placed in the presence of student supervisors during each lunch period. On the glass jars are the names of the teachers who volunteered to be the possible victims of being pied in the face. During the lunches, students can bring in pennies, dollars, and a variety of other coins to put into the jars with the teacher’s name, the teacher who they desire to be pied. The jars with the leading numbers determine who is pied.

This week, the pieing took place in both lunch A and B for all to see. The victims of the pies were, Mr. Loppnow the art teacher, Mr. B the band teacher, Mr. Henney a math teacher, and lastly, Mr. Beekhuizen, the instrumental teacher. “Every night, since that dark day in early October, I wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares of being attacked by an army of whipped cream and butterscotch pies,” Mr. Loppnow admitted with a shudder.

Four lucky students were selected to pie one of the voted teachers from all who put a dollar in a penny jar for any teacher. After all, it is the yeast the staff could do for the students who gave such charitable donations. When it was finally time, the entirety of the lunchroom counted down. Three, two, one! The pies splattered the teacher’s head and hair along with the cyan background behind them.

Another successful year of penny wars flew right by us, and before anyone could tell, penny wars will return once again: filled with more whip-cream and caramel than the last time! Don’t forget to participate in next year’s national yearbook week, helping to maintain our meaningful memories.

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National Yearbook Week Ends With A Sweet Victory For SFHS Students