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Sierra’s Poems: Sinking Souls

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Sierra McGill, Staff Writer

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Oh! Crushed hearts and souls afloat,

On our ship, with blood and grime,

From those who drank from the bottle of time,

And became drunk from the warmth in their cheeks and their chest,

Why, oh why, must the addicted and cold die?

Oh! Join the crew of the betrayed and belittled,

Where our head screams and our hearts are brittle,

See the sea and how far it goes,

Even our sturdy old ship is frightened to go down in the deep.

Oh! Men and women alike,

There is all too much room in our veins for spite,

On our ship, the slamming waves kiss our mind goodnight,

The salt from the sea’s spray comes from our mouths, spit onto our prey,

Why, oh why, must people’s eyes dry?

Oh! Watch out we cry,

The things that swim below wish for us to die,

Please, do not cup our chin’s and bring us beneath,

Lord help us if the sirens wish for us to drown,

Why, oh why, must they always claw the skin above our pulse?

Oh! I wonder if we have lifeboats on board,

The thought just appeared like the rising of a root,

Why did we step on board,

Maybe we were too broke to afford the thought,

Why, oh why, do we clench our chests and cry?

Oh! Land ho, land ho!

Our savior speaks with sand and land,

Thank the Gods!

Oh! The sea we loved with shallow gills,

The sand is warm, our chests no longer burn,

And our voices sound no longer shrill,

Scorn the sea that weaned our downward dreams of dread!

Oh! Let us love that of which has sinned us,

Let the sand dwindle and pour from our aching soul,

And replace it anew with the grass of which we can now clench between our fingers,

Never again shall we sink so far down we think we shall drown.

Oh! Join the crew of the beloved and blessed,

Where are heads sing and our hearts are beamish

Sea how far the horizon runs,

And the pitter patter of our hearts have truly won

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Sierra’s Poems: Sinking Souls