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Sierra’s Poems: To The Lone Man

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Sierra McGill, Staff Writer

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Dear boy,

Take a token for your troubles,

I see you on the street, living in the rubble,

So take a gem and lay it at your feet.

I see many wallow and weep of food and freedom,

But that matters not, all that matters is the green in my pockets,

And my eyes in their rotting sockets,

So here, take my leafy greens, and leave me with the plants of gray.

Little boy, where has your family gone?

I see you, back hunched, wandering among the cobble steps,

You don’t seem to notice the jagged rocks on which you stepped,

Is it real, that a boy like you is just as blind as those like me?

Back in the bars with the drunks and the dead,

They sit there with their burned throats and lead heads,

Child, will you join them in their pitiful games,

Or will you make a game of your own, one of which no one but you could play?

Boyish babe, why do you stare at puddles like the ocean?

There are no seals basking, there are no fish slip-salping from the fisherman’s hands,

There is only muck, and the trash from the roads so rough,

Why can’t you just listen to the voice in your head and rise, or be like the rest, limp and dead in the head?

Here my child, do not fret,

Your dirt crusted hair, and your scratched open cloths will mend,

Take my hand, little kid, else you shall slip and fall on your head,

Like my father and mother, and the ever living best.

Your hand, my boy, is so small,

How did you hold onto the wall for so long?

Soft like a mother’s eyes,

And so clean they seemed to have never been scared by your lies.

Dear boy, I will take your troubles,

I will hold my gold and your hand,

I see you sleeping on your bed within my house which became your home,

So take my love and and lay it on your bedside table.

Perhaps, life was always a dear friend of mine.

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Sierra’s Poems: To The Lone Man