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Sierra’s Poems: The Adorned

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Sierra McGill, Staff Writer

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My queen, why do you wear rubies of red?

They shine so bright atop your head,

Where did you get that red?

Was it from your people son’s and daughters all alike, but that can’t be, for none of them are dead.

Dear mother, why do you wear diamonds on your finger?

They reflect and reflect, but they seem to deflect something awful,

Where did you get that clear color of nothing?

Maybe you got it from your iris’s, or maybe from the ones in your garden.

My friend, why do you wear false jewels on your chest?

They sparkle as they should, but they cool your heart,

Where did you get those ungenuine gems?

Pretty to the eyes, thank the giver, and tell them they should not ever lie.

Dear Grandmother, why do you wear rainbows in your ears?

Those circles steal my lungs, and I feel like I can go up, up, up,

Where did you get those prisms of life?

Maybe from grandpa, for even in death, you are his wife.

My future self, will you adorn yourself till you left?

Necklaces and bracelets and crowns and jeweled laces,

Where will they come from, and how will they tint your sight?

Maybe I won’t, but as harsh as the wind may be, I’ll always try and take flight.

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Sierra’s Poems: The Adorned