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Sierra’s Poems: Muddled Days

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Sierra McGill, Staff Writer

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Dandy daisy, where have the days gone?

The sun shines bright, but we droop into the dirt,

As the insects worm their way into our hearts,

We only wish for tears to water our fears.

Radiant rose, will we rise together?

Like the seeds as they refuse to leave their seats,

No time for growth, yet too much time to loathe,

Grip my vines and rip them down, and your ears will be pierced by our thorns.

Social Sunflower, your irony astounds us,

‘Oh love, love, love!’ we sing,

But you scowl, and say,

‘Go away. I don’t wish to see your bloody rose filled eyes. All you speak is lies.’

Beautiful bleeding heart, so gently we must hold you,

You are cracked down the middle, like our heads and the fences we sit perched,

Run from our grasp, but we will hold you close till we both depart,

Even though you try to depart, it is only because you have too deep a heart.

Flowing flowers, all bound into the ground and into our cores,

The daggers we use to tear ourselves,

Are only meant for the weeds we plant in our gardens,

We cannot let go, for our roots go down below, below our best bellows and whelps. Our only wish is to truly be helped.

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Sierra’s Poems: Muddled Days