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Culinary III

Arnu Phonnchit and Lynnette Lee

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Culinary III is an advance class that helps prepare students for future culinary careers. Prior to taking Culinary III, culinary one and two are taken before entering into Culinary III. While being in the class, students are able to cater for inside/outside of school events, plan dinners for Robotics, and create products of one’s own to sell. Students also get the chance to have a fun, yet a learning experience within the class and outside the class. “Culinary III is a fun and creative class. Whether it’s baking or cooking, you can flavor it and style the product however you want it,” said Lynnette Lee, a senior in Culinary III.    

Most of the events Culinary III class has catered for are student-driven. This year, the students have catered for; The Kiwanis board meeting, Sheboygan Falls Art show, and Robotics dinners. These are just a few dinners mentioned, but there are many dinners yet to come.

One of the most recent event that the class catered for was the Kiwanis board meeting. The menu consisted an appetizer of chicken gnocchi or cream of potato soup, ham and cheese pinnies for the entree, and lastly for dessert, an apple cinnamon trifle. “It was great,” Celeen Lee, a senior who worked at the event said, “It was a really good experience, and I had good feedback about things I made, such as the breads and sandwiches.”

The great thing about Culinary lll is that the menus are based on what the students have been learning about. The students then incorporate what has been learned to actually making it. Another prominent thing about this class is that students are able to take an independent study through this class. Giovanni LaBine is a senior who takes advantages of the independent studies. LaBine creates a variety of breads, ranging from desserts to Italian. Not only does LaBine bake breads, but he also sells his product. “Making artisans bread is an easy process and very fun thing to do LaBine says. “I took the independent study due to the fact that it relates to my senior project, which was to make breads for the Java Roost.”

Overall Culinary III is a great class to take. Not only is it fun, but the class also gives students a challenge to become better chefs. Sheiny Vang, a junior who is part of the class, says, “I feel that it’s a great class to challenge yourself on independence. Unlike other classes that just diet you on the same page as everyone, you work alone or with your classmates to create one piece of a big culinary puzzle. Plus the food is very good.”

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Culinary III