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Spring Makeup

Riley Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

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In recent months there has been many trending products, and the first popular product I’ll talk about is the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation for $39. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer was a huge hit and after finding out that people loved the formula, they decided to make a foundation just like it. There are two different types of formulas, one matte and one hydrating. The matte shade dries down and has more coverage on your skin compared to the hydrating formula that has a more sheer coverage that looks more natural. The product overall is decent but has become a huge controversy in the makeup world. Their shade range is minimal, only offering 3 shades for someone with a dark complexion and 12 shades for lighter complexions. Clearly this is unfair to anyone with a darker complexion and is deemed unacceptable by most people in the beauty industry. In my opinion, it is simply unfair. If Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty can release 40 shades for every skin tone, why couldn’t Tarte?

Another trending product is Morphe’s new 9C Jewel Crew Eyeshadow Palette which is the low price of $12. Morphe is known for their highly pigmented, creamy, and blendable eyeshadows, so everyone expects nothing less from this upcoming product. The shades kept more natural with browns, maroons, light pinks, and a little gold. The palette contains a few shimmer shades and a few mattes to make the perfect looks you desire. They have come out with a 9A and 9B palette as well, the color schemes being different on each of them. The best thing about Morphe and the products they sell is that they are not only high quality but also inexpensive. You can get the perfect eye looks without breaking the bank.

A huge new release is going on and it is with one of the biggest names in the makeup industry. Most people know Jeffree Star, whether it is from his YouTube channel or from his ecommerce makeup brand. He has made quite the name for himself, both good and bad but either way, his makeup is selling fast. He recently released a new collection called the Blood Sugar collection. It includes an eyeshadow palette with 18 shades ($52), 4 liquid lipstick shades ($18 each), 3 lipsticks ($18 each), 3 different flavored and edible lip scrubs ($12 each), and a bundle box of lipsticks in reds and pinks ($52). Everything has the red chrome theme. As the name Blood Sugar implies, it is full of different shades of reds and even some medical terms. He found inspiration in dentistry, candy and hospitals for this collection, and you can see that theme throughout the collection. I think it’s fun and something different for the makeup industry, and it’s a lot of products I’ll definitely be saving up to buy.

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Spring Makeup