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David’s Thoughts: Stress

David Gremminger, Staff Writer

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Stress! We have all experienced this wonderful thing that makes us tear out our hair, cry ourselves to sleep, and just have an all around bad time. Stress has become the bane of our generation. We over work ourselves, bury our lives in self pressure, and then find out that the majority of the things we did in high school is going to make no impact on the future job we do.

Personally, I find that really sad. Why are we throwing away our teenage years to stress and being anxious about things that may never make a difference in our adult lives? Maybe it’s because of our parents. Are they pushing us too far, making us do too much in the name of success? Is this why we are so stressed, because our parents force us to be? I don’t think so, well not entirely anyways. I think our stress isn’t rooted in our parents, our teachers, or really anyone around us.

Don’t get me wrong, society puts an ungodly amount of stress on high school students to be perfect. We can’t solve all your mistakes Baby Boomers, but I regress. We, as high schoolers, can’t be expected to do everything, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be involved and active members of society. We should get jobs, be on sports teams, be in the musical, and all the wonder, and not so wonderful thing stat we have available to us. However, that doesn’t mean we should do all of them.

As high schoolers, we need to learn to choose what’s important and discard what isn’t. Is being a stressed out, depressed high schooler with a 4.0, four hundred athletic letters, involvement in 12 clubs, plus a part time job really going to get you into the school of your dreams? Maybe, but I can guarantee you it isn’t going to allow you to have a stressless four years of high school, let alone happy.

All in all, being that involved is dangerous to your health, well being, and overall sense of self. Take it from the guy who is involved in everything under the sun. Find what you love and chase it, but don’t worry about having the fattest resume possible. You’ll find that going into college healthy, happy, and a little, or maybe a lot, less stressed is going to be well worth the trade off. Keep it balanced, and you’ll keep yourself happy and less stressed.

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David’s Thoughts: Stress