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“Every Trick In The Book” Album Review

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Matthew Herr, Staff Writer

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Every Trick In The Book is an Ice Nine Kills album that was released in 2015. The title of this album describes several of the songs, as the soft and slow pace of some pieces is followed by a heavy metal “beat drop” in which the calm and collected mood of the song is replaced with pure chaos and violence. Although this doesn’t describe every track on this album, as some of the tracks start off with a heavy metal scream leading to a lighter tone.

The song “Me Myself And Hyde” is a perfect example of this format. The opening 55 seconds of the song lure the listener into a sense of security with heavy emphasis on laid-back vocals and softer instruments before kicking in to the phrase “I can’t stop seeing red.” As he says red it goes from calm and collected to the complete opposite. The laid-back vocals are replaced with violent, constant screams. and the softer instruments are replaced by a hard and frightening guitar and drum that intimidates the listener, leaving no trace of what the introduction left behind. The song is about the dark side that everyone has inside them, and how it takes over and that no matter what you do, there will always be some evil to your actions.

The track “Tess-Timony” is nothing like “Me Myself And Hyde” as it is soft with only a piano and orchestra to support the lead vocals. Unlike the other songs on the album,This song has no point in which it goes from laid back to heavy metal it maintains a constant welcoming and warm feeling. Listening to it almost brings tears to the eyes as you hear the pain in the lead singer’s voice. The song is about a man’s explanation as to why he killed the man who murdered the woman he loved. The emotion is perfectly emphasized with the pacing and tone that the piano gives.

Comparing these songs perfectly encompass the different types of music that Ice Nine Kills is known for. Each track is unique and pushes its own meaning. The instruments compliment the vocals perfectly as each song is sung to serve a purpose. Where some tell stories of pain and loss, others cheer for the idea of overcoming suppressors and giving no mercy to those who opposes their rebellion. The title “Every Trick In The Book” not only describes how some songs change throughout the course of their runtime, but it also describes the multitool in a sense that Ice Nine Kills represents as they aren’t just a heavy metal band they are the mixture of many different types of music.

After listening to the album and writing this article, I felt like I had missed a something big and couldn’t live with myself if it was published without realizing what it was that I was missing. I had realized that all of the songs released in the album are based on books and novels. I noticed this while listening to the song Enjoy Your Slay which was clearly based on the novel “The shining.” while this track was not featured on the album it was intended to be the finishing track from the album being the last title to be made after a story of some sort. I went back to listen to other tracks to find the stories they are based on and noticed just by the titles of some tracks that I could clearly see a resemblance. In the song Star Crossed Enemies I saw the comparison to the work “Romeo and Juliet” and In the song Me Myself and Hyde I was embarrassed I hadn’t compared it to “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Even songs with less obvious inspirations like Hell In The Hallways There was still a comparison to be found.

Spencer, the lead singer from Ice Nine Kills said “The most difficult challenge in doing a song about a famous classic novel, is living up to how great the novel was” “and we began to see so many kids with tattoos of our lyrics and we thought that if they were going to go to the trouble to tattoo our lyrics to them permanently, then we had to make every line, bulletproof.” listening to each song is like getting a shortened down version of the full story; In Hell In The Hallways the listener can hear the story and the pain that the main character went through during the novel. Although some may have never read some of these works listening to the album gives a good idea as to what happens in the story.

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“Every Trick In The Book” Album Review