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Time Management

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Time management is something that everyone does to efficiently use their time. In high school, time management is essential to get everything done. With sports or a job and homework piling up, everyone can get overwhelmed, but with time management everyone has the ability to be productive and get everything achieved. Fellow students that are in sports or have jobs were talked to about how they efficiently use their time and how time management helps them.  

Having a job is a big responsibility for anyone, and can be especially difficult for full-time students who have homework and go to work part-time. According to Caleb Hickmann, on top of going to school for seven hours a day, five days a week, he works an average of 15 hours a week.  Sophia Pedroni says that she does not have any regrets working part time as a full time student, because she enjoys receiving a hard earned paycheck, and has learned from the experience that she should never procrastinate. On nights she has to work, Audrey Rathke trades in sleep for finishing 2-3 hours worth of homework. Even though having a job involves sacrificing one’s personal time, there are great benefits such as earning a paycheck and learning how to fit time into a schedule.

On game days, time to do homework can be hard to find. Parker Stangel says he does his homework when he gets home. Depending on how many classes assign homework, it can pile on and become time consuming. Luke Reinbacher says he spends about four hours on homework weekly. Each athlete spends lots of time practicing. Ashley Spatz says on average for the three sports she plays, she practices eleven hours a week or one and a half to two hours a day in season. Athletes at our school spend lots of time and effort into being a successful one. When asked if they ever regret playing a sport as a full time student, Sara Klemme says, “Not at all, it helps me stay in shape and I find it educational as well.” Not only is sports time consuming, but it is found to help students stay focused on their education. Our athletes at Sheboygan Falls High School have a large commitment to their sports, but it seems that they would not change anything about it.

Finding time for yourself is something that can be hard to do when your time is occupied by a job or sport as well as school and homework. Ashley Spatz says that she only finds time for herself on weekends. As well as only having free time on the weekends, students do not always go to sleep early enough. Luke Reinbacher says he usually gets to bed around 10 during the week. Audrey Rathke claims to get about 7 hours of sleep per night during the week. Obviously the ideal amount of sleep for teenagers is 10-11 hours, but that is not doable with school and extracurricular activities. However by making these sacrifices, students with part time jobs and sports are able to learn time management skills that will assist in preparing them for the future.

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Time Management