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Dudion Braho and Luke Jaeger

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One of the newest additions to Netflixs’ vast library of shows and movies is their original documentary series, The Rapture. The series covers the life stories of big name rappers like Logic, G-Eazy, T.I., and many more. With no boundaries, The Rapture delves into the childhood and adulthood of our favorite rappers.

The Rapture allows the viewer to dig deeper and learn more about the life of their favorite rapper. Not only that, but the show educates and informs the audience all about modern hip-hop culture. The first episode is centered around the life and come up of rap legend, Logic. The episode focuses on Logic’s day-to-day life and how he is handling the massive popularity from his most recent album Everybody. Throughout the episode, Logic talks about how hard it was growing up as a mixed child, specifically in a racist part of town. He keeps it light hearted though by showcasing a behind the scenes snippet of his music video for his song “Black Spiderman.” After watching the episode, the viewer will most definitely feel closer to Logic and more informed about his life’s hardships.

Another artist with the Rapture spotlight on him is Gerald Earl Gillum, AKA G-Eazy. His rise to fame was fast as well with his hit song “I Mean It” Ft. Remo. His episode focuses on his personal life, tour life, and studio recording processes. Like every artist, Gerald has very specific ways he likes to record. In the studio with a very set team, everything must be right, even his atmosphere changes the way his music sounds. The episode shows how he makes time for his fans even on the road. Meet and greets, he says, is what drives him to continue doing what he loves. He has certainly come a long way from recording music in his grandmother’s house.  From watching this episode the viewer is able to see how G-Eazy lives and thrives.

The Rapture showcases many other artists and producers as well. One of the upcoming rappers in the industry is A Boogie Wit The Hoodie. His story begins in Atlanta, Georgia and his upcoming to fame and fortune. He goes on to talk about his first studio single “Jungle”. Being his number 1 song and on the billboard 100 in only weeks, the episode focuses on how life became for him after the song was released. Born Julius Dubose, He was born in a fatherless household with his mother. He began rap as a hobby, but wanted to do expand his talent by rapping in ways other rappers didn’t. He believes that rapping is not about “flexing how rich and famous someone is, but by the accomplishments and struggles they went through.”

The Rapture is sure to be a big hit, just because of how raw and unfiltered it is. Being able to see how our favorite artists and musicians lives is something we all want, and this show gives it to us. These are just a few of many huge musicians the Rapture features.

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The RAPture