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The Spring Band Concert

Lynnette Lee, Staff Writer

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It is the end of the school year and school events are wrapping up quickly. One of these school events is the spring band concert performance by Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Performed by Wind Ensemble are the songs; Semper Fidelis, Prelude and Fugue, At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral, and Robin Hood. Performed by Symphonic Band are the songs; Brighton Beach, Blue Ridge Shenandoah’s Simple Gift, and Beauty and the Beast. This school year, the band recently took a trip to Colorado for their band trip. Pictures from the trip were put into a slideshow and shown to the audience during the pieces Blue Ridge and At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral. Before the concert ended a grand finale, Amazing Grace, was performed by both bands.

This year, there are 34 seniors in total in band, which has been one of the biggest class with the most seniors participating in band. The seniors from both bands have combined together to give Mr. B a scrapbook and a painting of him to thank him for what he has done for them in the last 4 years. It has been a long (but fun) four years for the seniors. “It makes me very upset that this is our last concert,” said Vada Beimel, a senior. “I had enjoyed all four years. It also makes me upset that we won’t be rehearsing for music anymore.”

Although there will be no more upcoming concerts, the next event is graduation. The band will be playing for the class of 2018. If possible, the class of 2018 and the band encourages others to come and hear the band play while watching the seniors graduate. After graduation, that wraps up the school career for the seniors, and soon the school year for the underclassmen. 

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The Spring Band Concert