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The End of Choir (2018)

See you all next year!

Tatyanna Nieto, Staff Writer

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As the school year is coming to a close, the choir has been working hard on all the songs they will be singing. We may have our disagreements and we may buck heads sometimes, but we always know how to make everything better. “I like singing because it’s my passion and it always puts me in a good mood” says Mr. Wojo. We have so much fun doing the things we love every day. When we have a concert, and people watch us sing, those people always seem to smile, and it always puts us in a good mood. I sing because it always puts me and others in a good mood. It makes me happy knowing that we could make someone feel happy, and it could make their day better.

Some of the songs we sing in choir aren’t the best, and we don’t all know them, but we always come to the conclusion that no matter what we sing, we just need to put on happy faces and deal with it (even if we don’t want to). The one song that all of the concert choir loved is the school song. We like that song because it’s our song. It’s the school song. It represents that we may be a small school, and we may not be the best, but we always look for the best in things, and we always try to reach our goals. All of our choirs worked super hard to memorise the words, to use facial expressions, and correctly use their vowels.

The other choirs are making such great progress. At the beginning of the year, the concert choir didn’t blend well together, but now the choir always knows when we mess up or make a mistake. When one of us make a mistake we just laugh it off and forget about it. When we have a concert, my favorite part of it is the Jazz show choir. I like how happy they are, and even if  they don’t like that specific song, they still learn to like it in the end. “It just puts me in a great mood knowing that our singing puts people in great moods, and that little children want to grow up and sing like us,” says Addison Kuplic, a junior. In choir, we have a lot of labs to go over songs and practice our tones so we know how to use the music correctly. I grew from the beginning of the year, and we as a choir grew to help others. Our last concert was on May 16, which the choir was super prepared and excited for. We have a lot of Seniors that we’re going to miss so much. We wanted to honor the seniors in the concert for always working super hard and making this year the greatest. They have helped us as a choir so much.


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The End of Choir (2018)