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(Congratulations Class of 2018!)

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Amber De Fere, Co-Editor

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As the school year comes to a close with not even a week left of school, as an editor for the school newspaper and an avid student, I am forced to ponder on what comes next. Although the online publications will be taking a break during the summer months (along with the SFHS students) the creativity and learning doesn’t stop there. No, summer is not the months of no learning. It is not the time where your brain gets to “take a break” or “shut down” so that you can successfully reboot at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Summer is the time for experiences. In other words, learning in a new way. Although we spend our time at school, sitting in our desks and copying down “A^2 + B^2 = C^2” that is not the only way to learn. No, learning is done best, in my experience, through living your life. This is why summer is not the time of no learning, but rather the time of no tests, no crammed study sessions, and a chance to finally breath and say “what do I want to learn next?”

“What do I want to learn next?” What a brilliant thought, isn’t it? I’m sure many people, at surface value, may not share my same amount of enthusiasm, but think about it: You get to decide what you want to learn. You get to decide what books to read, what choices to make, whether you turn left or right while you walk the road of life. To me, that is both exciting and exhilarating. Not being told what to do, but rather being encouraged to make that decision for yourself. Isn’t that really what all teens that are eager to get out of school strive for? Independence?

And some teens at SFHS have just gained that independence. As of this Sunday, the students in the class of 2018 are now officially high school graduates. Congrats! You now get to begin the journey of finding your place in a world of adults and responsibilities. Whether you are going straight to college, or heading off into the workforce, the decisions you make now are what kick starts the beginning of the rest of your life.

Okay, maybe that was a bit cheesy? Yes? Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter, because it is true. Life is about decisions. The decision to study rather than watch TV (or to watch TV instead of studying), the decision to head to the workforce rather than college, or to go to a four year school rather than a two year one. All of these choice are what shape you into the person you will become, because believe it or not (even though you have graduated) you’re still growing and still learning. Because learning is something that never goes away. Not as we take our summer breaks, and not as we leave school behind for the last time. Learning never leaves us.

And so maybe those of you underclassmen in AP English will have a book or two to read over the summer, maybe a few of you will decide to take an online course to gain a few extra credits for next year. Maybe you will take this time to relax, spend time with your friends and family. And, for those of you who have just graduated, maybe you will spend this time preparing for your next adventure, whatever that may be.

Whatever the future brings, it hold endless possibilities. Do what you love, learn as much as you can, and strive to be the best you that you can be.


Best wishes until next school year,
The Talon Staff

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