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New Heavy Rock/Metal Band Releases Their First Album

Riley Spencer, Staff Writer

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Bad Wolves are a brand new Heavy Rock/Industrial Metal band.  The band is composed of 5 members, vocalist Tommy Vext, drummer John Boecklin, guitarist Doc Coyle, guitarist Chris Cain, and bassist Kyle Konkiel.  They’re not too well known by the public aside from Tommy Vext—having filled in for the extremely popular Five Finger Death Punch’s lead singer, Ivan Moody, while he attended rehab.  They’ve also acquired recent fame for their cover of The Cranberries’ song “Zombie”. Their debut album “Disobey” (released May 11th, 2018 )was composed of 13 tracks with a total of approximately 49 minutes long.  

We hear a lot of bases covered in this album, from heavy vocals and guitar riffs to deep and emotional slower content we see an amazing mash of sound.  The title track “Officer Down” was a fast and heavy song showing both sides of police controversy. We hear about the brutal killings based on race and other bias, but also when an officer is lost and there’s a family left in the dark. Their cover song “Zombie” makes an appearance as the 4th track. Tommy Vext’s voice adds such power to the song, making listeners tremble under the weight of the theme.  Along with the lyrics and performance itself, this cover was originally supposed to include lyrics of the original singer, however she unfortunately died the day they were supposed to record the vocals. “Hear Me Now” is a softer track discussing real life themes with a deep emotional core to be discovered in its depths. The song can be both relatable and calming. They discuss relationships and wanting meaning out of one’s life, which is all too common.  

As a whole I truly loved the album .  It was a great mix of heavy metal and soft emotional rock for a brand new band, their first album was quite praiseworthy.  I purchased the album quickly and listen to it often, I also truly hope to hear more from them in the future, as they seem to be off to the start of a great career.  It gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating from me.

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New Heavy Rock/Metal Band Releases Their First Album