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The Environment (And How You Can Help Save It!)

Sophia Pedroni, Staff Writer

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Between our waste disposal, global warming, climate change, ocean acidification, and deforestation, it may seem like the Earth is coming to an end. If our actions do not change, Earth will continue to creep towards its inevitable doom. However, there are ways to help.

Today, there is a floating plastic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, landfills are overflowing, the ocean is becoming more acidic, and there is lots and lots of air pollution. The plastic island spreads over the ocean for about 1.6 million square kilometers, or about 617,763 square miles. Any plastic that goes into the ocean could potentially hurt the living creatures whose habitats are around it. There have been reports of turtles who have straws up their noses, causing them to bleed out, and animals getting tangled and suffocating from the miscellaneous plastic, like soda bottle rings.

Over the past two centuries there has been a 25% increase in the acidity of the ocean. When the oceans become more acidic, the species that live there are in danger from decaying, dying, and eventually becoming extinct. This all connects to the climate change and global warming that is endangering the lives of polar bears, penguins, and many other animals that live in the arctic or antarctic regions.

Climate change will eventually cause more natural disasters, and floods will take over areas of land that are below sea level. Those areas will be completely submerged in water and millions of people will lose their homes. As a result of deforestation, 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air, affecting the atmosphere and creating worse conditions for climate change.

With all of this doom and demise, there is still a way to help save the Earth. Investing in environmentally safe companies and only buying their products can help save the amount of waste going into landfills. The company LUSH has invented packaging free shampoo, along with other products, that will help reduce the amount of plastic being shipped off to landfills. Try to reduce the amount of straws you use on a day-to-day basis. Straws are very dangerous to sea life and can kill them. Aardvark Straws makes biodegradable straws that are safe to use and perfect if you could never go without a straw. Another way to help the environment is to bike or walk in order to help reduce air pollution, instead of jumping in your car. There are many things you can do to help the earth. We only have one Earth and we can still save it by doing little things to create a big change.

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The Environment (And How You Can Help Save It!)