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Tennis wraps up for 2015

Falcons send two to State

Alyssa De Fere, Staff Writer

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According to Coach Leigh Cherveny, this has been a successful season for the girls tennis team.  He and some of the team’s players talked about their progress and experiences this year.

Cherveny said that they’ve had better seasons but this was still a good one.

“We were 13-2, so we had a good season.  We also started with 29 girls on the team and finished with 29 so that’s always good too. We had a large number of players this year and we had fun, that’s what’s most important,” he said.

Cherveny mentioned some things to improve on for next year, including how to manage loss of good players.

“Well, we lose 1-3 singles players and that’s going to hurt us.  Everyone remaining needs to improve their skills and to be practicing during the off season.”

Senior, Mia Bartel, and Junior, Ellie Roe, both competed at the state level. This was Ellie’s first time going to state.  She had a great experience overall.  “Mia and I both worked hard to make it to state.  Just getting there was an accomplishment in itself.  Getting to watch all the different matches was really exciting.” said Miss Roe.

Taylor Fredericks, a sophomore, is number 1 on the JV team.  She has improved a lot from last year, and is continuing to push herself to reach new goals for next year.  Her plans are “To get on Varsity and improve my skills.  I’ll be practicing a lot in the off season.”

Magen Saunders, a freshman, described the team this way:   “The tennis team is calm, cool, and collected. But when we are a team we are something different but still focused.”

Allison Lee is a freshman this year and the only freshman on Varsity.  After coming so far, she shares her experiences and advice that she has for the JV team, and what she loves so much about the tennis teammates. “The upperclassmen have been extremely kind to me, not only about tennis but about the kind of person I want to become.  It didn’t feel like I was out of the group or not included.  It was more of a sense of community than anything.  On our team we practice together, play with one another, talk to each other, and share memories with one another.  I guess the only advice I can give is to continue to be great people because we have shown that it will get us far.”

Allison’s sister, Rachel Lee, is a Junior and also on Varsity. She has been playing tennis most of her life.  Rachel said her favorite thing about tennis is that it is a life time sport.  “It is a passion of mine, some of my fondest memories occur on the high school tennis courts both with my family and Mr. Chervany, ” Rachel said. She finds herself in the role of a mentor to younger players as well.  “Tennis is a competitive sport and practice makes perfect but the relationships and bonds formed during the tennis season are priceless and will last forever.”

Like coach said, we are losing some really good players this year.  Mia Bartel and Monica Micoliczyk have both had very memorable high school tennis experiences.

Mia Bartel’s favorite memory was playing a game that the team created.  They would hit tennis balls back and forth over the cement wall on the tennis court. “My favorite memory was having a war using tennis balls as weapons, my freshman year.  It was Varsity v.s. JV.  We called them Jobby Wars,” Bartel said.

To Monica Micoliczyk, meeting new people and creating a bond with her team is what was most important to her. “I will miss my teammates the most! This year I have made friendships that will last forever. I loved the endless giggles at practice, and the inside jokes in the hallways during school.”

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Tennis wraps up for 2015