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The Talon is back better than ever

Macy Justinger and Natalie St. Onge

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After a two year absence, The Talon is back and better than ever, with a new staff, a new adviser and even a new format. Brand new this year, the school newspaper has converted from a physical format to an online format, which should be beneficial in several ways.

With the online format, The Talon is now able to consistently keep up with student events by publishing articles on an ongoing basis. No longer do editors need to gather enough content to fill four or eight pages (required to print on paper). When we have a timely news story, we can post the news as soon as we can. Also a thing of the past are the limited issues of the paper. With our new news site, we’re always available.

Now that The Talon exists in an online world, it is easily accessible by students who can read the news on their phones or tablets. Publishing online also means the staff can reach a wider audience, not just students and teachers, but anyone with the link to the news site. Such a real world audience for their work can give staff a real sense of being a journalist.

The staff benefits in other ways as well. Readers can learn about The Talon staff by reading their profiles. Every article, photo, or graphic the staff publishes is archived in the site. This well organized archive of each student’s work could be a benefit to students who want to show off their work in the future, to colleges and employers.

The news site also gives The Talon staff a boost in securing advertisers by offering advertisers the ability to submit clickable ads that take viewers to the business’s own website. The Talon’s news site even tracks the ad activity, which the staff can share with advertisers.

Besides typical articles, the staff has already published two polls that engage readers in a fun, interactive way. Full color pictures, a rotating showcase for top stories, and the potential to add multimedia all help make this move to an online only news site for The Talon a win-win situation.

The editors invite thoughtful replies to this editorial. Please email letters to the editor to [email protected]

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The Talon is back better than ever