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2017-2018 Staff

Caleb M.

Staff reporter

My name is Caleb and I am a Sophomore. I like to write about music. I am from the great state of Illinois. I like to be tubular.

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Arie C.

Staff reporter

My name is Arianna, but most people know me as Arie, mostly because no one can say my name correctly. I’m NoT aRIanA GRanDE sO STOp. I enjoy bands and YouTubers, and according to Urban Dictionary, “im pretty cool”, so i gues...

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Lyndsie C.

Staff reporter

Im Lyndsie, I enjoy writing fiction stories, and enjoy all animals. I am a junior and have been doing yearbook since freshman year. I love taking pictures of sunrises and of the trees turning colors. I have three brothers and zero ...

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Tayler O.

Staff reporter/Business Adviser

My name is Tayler Otten. I love to read and will do so in any spare time I have. I hope to someday become a book editor and a bookstore owner. I enjoy writing poetry as well as novels, although I have yet to finish any of my ...

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Madisyn I.

Staff reporter

My name is Madisyn Immel, I am a sophomore and some of my hobbies include reading, drawing and listening to music. I also enjoy traveling and have been out of the country twice.

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Jacob T.

Staff reporter

Hi my name is Jacob Thorne. I am a sophomore. I am in media studies and I enjoy writing articles about the weather and climate.  I chose media studies for a class because I think I will have a fun semester in the class....

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Jasmine C.

Staff reporter/Treasurer

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Taylor F.

Staff reporter

I’m Taylor and I am in twelfth grade. I am new to the school newspaper and yearbook. I enjoy a lot of science classes and video games.

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Luke J.

Staff reporter

My name is Luke and I am a reporter for the school newspaper and writer for the School magazine. I enjoy writing about music mostly because of my musical background. I am a junior and wish to go into the arts and or woodworkin...

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Adam L.

Staff photographer/reporter

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Leela B


Hey, my name is Leela Borgenhagen and I’m a junior. I do a little bit of everything in media studies, I edit interviews, stories and so on. I enjoy sad vibing with good friends and spearmint gum. ...

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Lauren Luedtke


Lauren is a Junior and writes for The Talon, takes photos and writes for the yearbook and helps run the official Sheboygan Falls YouTube channel. She enjoys writing, reading and memes.

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Amber De Fere


“I live in two worlds, one is a world of books” -Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls). Nothing could describe Amber De Fere any better than this. Her love of books and writing is the main reason for her joining The Talon newspap...

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